July 22, 2024
Here are some links to important resources and information organized in various categories. Click on a category in the table below to quickly jump to its links:
Forms and Specific Information
Automobile Expenses - 2023
Automobile Expenses - 2024
Clergy Residence Deduction - Bulletin IT-141R
Clergy Residence Deduction - Form T1223
Clergy Residence Deduction - Tax Deductions At Source - Form T1213
Gasoline Federal Excise Tax Application For Refund - Form XE8
GST/HST Information For Charities - RC4082
GST/HST Public Service Bodies' Rebate - RC4034
GST/HST Rebate Form (Federal) - Form GST66
GST/HST Rebate Form (Provincial) - Form RC7066
Registered Charity Information Return - Adjustment Request T1240
Registered Charity Information Return - Form T3010-1
Registered Charity Information Return - Guide T4033-1
Forms and Specific Information - Payroll Issues
Emoloyee Benefits and Allowances - Topics About Benefits
Employee or Self-Employed? - Guide RC4110
Payroll Deductions and Remittances - Employers' Guide T4001
Payroll Deductions Tables
Request To Reduce Tax Deductions At Source - Form T1213
T4 - Topics About T4
T4A - Topics About T4A
T4A-NR - Topics About T4A-NR
TD1 - Personal Tax Credits Return
When Employees Leave - What Employeers Need To Do
Government - Federal
Canada Post
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Canada Revenue Agency - Charities Directorate
Canadian International Development Agency
Department of Finance Canada
Department of Justice Canada
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Government of Canada
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Service Canada
Government - Provincial
Alberta - Service Alberta (For charity information)
British Columbia
British Columbia - Charitable Purposes Preservation Act
British Columbia - Society Act
British Columbia - Society Act Regulations
Manitoba - Charities Endorsement Act
Manitoba - Fund Raising Activities and Retail Sales Tax
Manitoba - Ombudsman
New Brunswick
New Brunswick - (For charity information)
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia - Public Trustee Act
Nova Scotia - Trustee Act
Ontario - Corporations Information Act Annual Return - Form RC232
Ontario - Ministry of Revenue
Ontario - Refund of Retail Sales Tax
Prince Edward Island
Preferred Products and Services
Affinity Programs (Discounts For Members)
Most of the companies taking part in our affinity program offer our members discount pricing while others provide special treatment. At the above link you can see the details of our Affinity Programs while the following links will take you directly to the individual companies.
Brokerforce Insurance Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Kechnie Benefits
NCS Church Envelope Company
NEBS Business Products Limited
Print and Cheques Now Inc.
Professional Organizations
Canadian Bookkeepers Association (CBA)
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CAs)
Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGAs)
Certified Management Accountants of Canada (CMAs)
Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC)
Software - Accounting and Bookkeeping
Intuit Canada (QuickBooks and Quicken)
Microsoft Open License for Charities
Sage Software (Simply Accounting)
Software - Donation Recording
Donarius Church Management Software (Nuverb Systems Inc.)
DONATION (Software 4 Nonprofits)
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