September 30, 2023
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Sep 2, 2023 – September TO DO List
- August payroll liabilities due September 15.
- Pay all bills from summer events.
- Plan timetable for working on the first draft of the 2024 budget for those with a December 31 year end.
- Ensure 2024 offering envelopes have been ordered. If you are looking for a great supplier for offering envelopes, see the recommendation for the NCS Church Envelope Company on our Affinity Programs page.
Aug 1, 2023 – August TO DO List
July payroll liabilities due August 15.
May 31, 2023 – CRA Updates T3010 and Adds New Form T1441
CRA has updated the T3010, Registered Charity Information Return which now requires charities to report grants they made to non-qualified donees. This update was made within Section "C" by adding question C16 which contains four new Lines: 5840, 5841, 5842, and 5843.
If you answer "Yes" on Line 5841, you must also complete the new Form T1441, Qualifying Disbursements: Grants to Non-Qualified Donees at
The Guide T4033, Completing Form T3010 Registered Charity Information Return will also be updated in the near future and will provide instructions on how to complete the new T3010 and T1441.
You must use the updated version of the T3010 when filing your charity’s return. If you already filed a return for your fiscal period end, you do not need to refile with the new form
Jan 1, 2023 – 53 Sundays in 2023
Happy New Year. If you are still working on your 2023 budget there is good news as this is one of those rare favourite years for treasurers. We are being blessed with 53 Sundays.
Dec 22, 2022 – Automobile Deductions and Expenses for 2023
The Department of Finance Canada announced the automobile income tax deduction limits and expense benefit rates that will apply in 2023.
The limit on the deduction of tax-exempt allowances paid by employers to employees who use their personal vehicle for business purposes in the provinces will increase by seven cents to 68 cents per kilometre for the first 5,000 kilometres driven, and to 62 cents for each additional kilometre.
The rates for the territories are traditionally set 4 cents higher and they will also increase by seven cents to 72 cents per kilometre for the first 5,000 kilometres driven, and to 66 cents for each additional kilometre.
While the above information will be sufficient for most churches and ministries, additional details for specific situations including standby charges for the personal use of an employer provided vehicle, capital cost allowance, leasing costs, interest costs, etc. may be viewed in the news release on the Department of Finance Canada website at
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