May 28, 2023
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May 4, 2023 – May TO DO List
- April payroll liabilities due May 15.
- The June 30th deadline for the annual Registered Charity Information Return T3010 is fast approaching for those with a fiscal year end of December 31. If you have not yet started the process, be sure to set aside enough time to complete it properly.
Apr 1, 2023 – April TO DO List
- March payroll liabilities due April 15. Since this date falls on a Saturday, the due date shifts to the next business day which is Monday April 17.
- Set aside financial reports and other items you will need when completing your annual Registered Charity Information Return on Form T3010.
Jan 1, 2023 – 53 Sundays in 2023
Happy New Year. If you are still working on your 2023 budget there is good news as this is one of those rare favourite years for treasurers. We are being blessed with 53 Sundays.
Dec 22, 2022 – Automobile Deductions and Expenses for 2023
The Department of Finance Canada announced the automobile income tax deduction limits and expense benefit rates that will apply in 2023.
The limit on the deduction of tax-exempt allowances paid by employers to employees who use their personal vehicle for business purposes in the provinces will increase by seven cents to 68 cents per kilometre for the first 5,000 kilometres driven, and to 62 cents for each additional kilometre.
The rates for the territories are traditionally set 4 cents higher and they will also increase by seven cents to 72 cents per kilometre for the first 5,000 kilometres driven, and to 66 cents for each additional kilometre.
While the above information will be sufficient for most churches and ministries, additional details for specific situations including standby charges for the personal use of an employer provided vehicle, capital cost allowance, leasing costs, interest costs, etc. may be viewed in the news release on the Department of Finance Canada website at
Oct 4, 2022 – Obtaining Donations of Government of Canada Surplus Assets
On October 03, 2022, the Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) modified their September 21st announcement that GCSurplus revamped the GCDonate platform with new functionalities. GCDonate is GCSurplus’ online platform designed to advertise Government of Canada surplus moveable assets available for donation.
This is great news for charitable organizations as it will now be easier for government departments and agencies to donate surplus moveable assets to designated eligible groups and organizations. You will need to register and once approved, you will be able to request items that are available for donation.
You can view this announcement and register to bid and buy items by going to GCDonate at
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