December 1, 2022
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This Week
Dec 1, 2022 – December TO DO List
- November payroll liabilities due December 15.
- Distribute 2023 offering envelopes if you provide pre-printed envelopes for regular donors.
- Ensure you are up-to-date on all financial records, donation records, and other items needed for year-end. If this can be done early in the month you will be able to enjoy the Christmas season knowing that you are ready for January.
- Arrange January appointments with accountant or auditors and begin preparation of as many items as possible.
(These last two items with the exception of donation records are assuming that you are working with a fiscal year that ends on December 31. Donation records and charitable receipts are always based on the calendar year which makes it easier for churches with a fiscal year end of December 31.)
Nov 3, 2022 – November TO DO List
- October payroll liabilities due November 15.
- Pastors and other clergy who receive the Clergy Residence Deduction must complete the "Request to Reduce Tax Deductions at Source for Years(s)" Form T1213 if they wish to have their 2023 tax deductions reduced at source. It normally requires 6-8 weeks for CRA to review each application and grant permission, therefore, the form should be submitted in early November in order for approval to arrive before the first payday in January. Form T1213 can be located at the following link: T1213 Request to Reduce Tax Deductions at Source for Year(s)
- Prepare 2023 offering envelopes for distribution in December. If they have not yet arrived, determine where they are and place a rush on the order. If you are looking for a great supplier for offering envelopes, see the recommendation for the NCS Church Envelope Company on our Membership (Preferred Services) Page.
- Ensure offering records are in order and receipts are ready for completing 2022 donation receipts in January.
- Continue working on the 2023 budget with a goal of having the final draft completed by month end. This will allow time for other year end duties during December and January.
- Begin preparation for 2022 financial statements and the year-end audit or review.
(NOTE - the last two items are for those who have a calendar year fiscal year)
Oct 4, 2022 – Obtaining Donations of Government of Canada Surplus Assets
On October 03, 2022, the Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) modified their September 21st announcement that GCSurplus revamped the GCDonate platform with new functionalities. GCDonate is GCSurplus’ online platform designed to advertise Government of Canada surplus moveable assets available for donation.
This is great news for charitable organizations as it will now be easier for government departments and agencies to donate surplus moveable assets to designated eligible groups and organizations. You will need to register and once approved, you will be able to request items that are available for donation.
You can view this announcement and register by clicking on GCDonate.
You may also register to bid on and buy GCSurplus items by clicking on GCSurplus.
Oct 3, 2022 – October TO DO List
- September payroll liabilities due October 15. Since this date falls on a Saturday, the due date shifts to the next business day which is Monday October 17
- Continue working on the 2023 budget.
- If the 2023 offering envelopes have not arrived yet, check to make sure they have been ordered and determine their arrival date.
May 16, 2022 – Assisting Ukrainian Immigrants
On May 13, 2022, Immigration and Citizenship Canada posted a document on their website about new measures put in place to help people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This document is not only helpful for Ukrainian immigrants coming to Canada but will also assist individuals, churches, and charities wishing to help them.
This document can be viewed on the Immigration and Citizenship website.
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