July 22, 2024
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Comments About Membership Services
Thank you for your help with an Agency Agreement for our missions programme. We just passed our Canada Revenue Agency audit with flying colours and the auditor complimented me on the great agreement we were using. She said it was one of the best she has ever seen and even wanted to know how we learned to write one. I couldn't have done it without your assistance.
I have really appreciated all the help these past few months.
Thanks for being at the other end of the Internet!
Thank you so much for digging and getting the answer to my question.
You make things so understandable. Thank you!
Thank you once again for your research into this. You're always such a great help.
I can go to the meeting now confident in my information.
We've taken into our Board discussions all of your recommendations.
What a treasure to treasurers you are.
I sure am glad you are just an email away.
I was getting quite desperate having no idea what was required and you have really put my mind at rest.
You are my hero today!!!!!! Thank you. Wow, I wouldn't have had an answer if I didn't have you as a resource.
Thank you for the comprehensive reply to my question. That was worth a yearly membership alone !!!!!!
It's a real comfort to be able to quickly have answers to my questions from someone who has dealt with these issues in the past or has quick access to the right answer.
Thanks so much for your help. It is nice to know that someone has the answers to all my questions
Without your assistance in clarifying the rules and problems, I don't think that we would ever have come to a satisfactory and peaceful solution.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving me the added support of qualified advice, and thank you for equipping me with the tools needed to advise my pastor and board. Your emails have backed me up on this one...
I cannot recall an instance where I have received such value for money spent i.e. our yearly membership fee to Church Treasurers of Canada.
Thanks for going the extra mile to find the answer for me.
Thanks so much for your response. I've been so blessed by your ministry.
Comments From Seminar Participants
Ooohh I thoroughly enjoyed it (the seminar). It was very informative and helpful.
The seminar was not only very informative, but a tremendous encouragement to me personally. It was really the first time I had the opportunity to share with people that really understood the challenges that I work with every day.
Good information and lots of help - even for an "old timer" Treasurer like myself!!
Your seminar was awesome! Thank you for being so patient with all our questions.
After attending the seminar I was able to stay calm when the Canada Revenue Agency called and wanted to do a payroll audit. I was able to have everything ready for them.
So much information that we could have used another day.
The seminar was so helpful. I am soooooo glad that I attended.
What a wonderful time! Can't wait to inform my board what I've learned.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned a lot and gained some confidence in doing my job.
I always learn something new.
I was fortunate to attend your seminar and would like to do so again.
I have been a treasurer for many years and I still learned some things that made the day worthwhile.
Your seminar was most informative and I would like to attend another one.
I hope our church can send me to the seminar again next year.
Really enjoyed the knowledge and support from your seminar. Thanks for the great information package.
Comments on Financial Issues
My church saved $655.00 just from one thing I learned at the seminar.
My church could not afford to send me to the seminar but now that I know how to save over $600, I am going to ask my pastor to reimburse me. Thank you!
We can now replace our old roof with the over $4,000 that you helped us save.
Thank you for helping us solve a 3-year old problem. We are now going to recover almost $3,200 which we thought was lost.
We can only use one of the cost savings you discussed but that one thing will save our church over $1,300 this year and in future years around $300-400.
General Comments
Thank you for this very important ministry.
Your ministry is such a blessing to our churches
You are a real blessing and tremendous help to the many treasurers out there that are "flying by the seat of their pants."
God bless you and your vital ministry. I guess you have heard many times in the past how a ministry like yours is so needed and appreciated by those of us in Treasurer/bookkeeper positions as we deal with the numerous regulations and situations we encounter.
I really do feel that I fell into a gold mine of information when I signed up for the seminar and then became a member.
Thank you for providing such a unique and important service to the church community.
We appreciate the work you do, and we are glad to be associated with you.
I heartily recommend Church Treasurers of Canada Inc. as a ministry that will come along side your treasurer, and your congregation, in the area of church finances. I have seen how hard they work at staying current with the ever-changing landscape of the law as it relates to churches and charitable giving and how that applies to our local congregation.
Rev. Doug Stringer, Ottawa, Ontario
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