July 20, 2024
New Contact Information
Please note that we have changed our contact information.
Our email address remains the same but we have changed our phone fax numbers.
Phone: 613-447-9485
Fax: 1-343-292-5107
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.
Special Welcome to Church Treasurers
Church and charity treasurers hold one of the most important positions within their organization, however, it is often a position where they learn the job function through trial and error. Treasurers with a background in bookkeeping and accounting also face occasional situations where the unique rules, procedures, and laws pertaining to churches and charities are confusing.
Church Treasurers of Canada Inc. has been formed to serve the needs of treasurers, bookkeepers and financial administrators by:
providing a place to go with their questions and concerns
providing advice and support
organizing seminars and training sessions
providing an emailed newsletter for issues as they arise
monitoring law and policy changes affecting churches and charities
obtaining group discounts for church related products and services
If you would like to receive the above advantages and others listed on the benefits page, complete the application form for your church or charity to become a member of Church Treasurers of Canada Inc. You may rest assured that our membership list will never be sold, traded or made available to others. You may refer to our privacy policy for further information in this regard.
A completed application also serves as an endorsement of the Church Treasurers of Canada Inc. Code of Ethics and will assist us in our efforts to set a standard for treasurers. After the application is approved, you will receive a membership certificate that may be framed for your office.
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